Monday, August 13, 2012


It was HOT in SoCal this weekend, well over the 100s in most parts not near a beach.  Thankfully, I spent a cool reprieve attending an evening Rick Springfield concert at the Starlight Bowl in the hills above Burbank.  It was my first time at the Starlight Bowl, which, until this concert, I hadn't even heard of the venue.  It's an amphitheatre with 5,000 capacity seating and reminded me of a mini-Hollywood Bowl (which seats more than triple that).  Like the Hollywood Bowl, visitors are able to picnic before and during the show and there was that similar festive feeling. 
I discovered this unexpected bee hive near the picnic area.
A picnicker enjoying some tortilla chips.
picnic area
road leading into venue

The concert was fun.  To be honest, I'm not so much a fan of Rick Springfield the Rocker than I am of Rick Springfield the Actor, so I know very few of his songs.  However, the guy, who is unbelievably 63 (!) years old, puts on a lively show. 
Fans--mostly women--of all ages made up the audience.
view behind us
Yup...all demographics were represented at this concert.
My companions and I had mid-tier seats which were pretty good, but the venue is small so my guess is that even the lawn seats probably have a decent view. 
our view (actual)

I'd be interested in other events at the Starlight Bowl, concerts or movies or sing-along screenings.  The venue is a hidden gem in Burbank.

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